Feather extensions how to apply.

Once you have your feather extensions how to put them in? you will be wondering…

feather extensions

Feather Extensions are of the highest quality from us at Awesome Feathers and are chosen by hand to ensure you get a feather that will look great individually or alongside other hair feathers.

Hair feathers are more prominent when used at the side of your head or in the fringe.

The feathers are unique individual items so there will no one hair feather will be the same, it is important to remember also that each feather is unique so differences in size, colour length and pattern will obviously occur.

feather extensions

Hair Feathers offers the best in terms of quality that is available they come from Metz and Whiting Farms in America where the birds feathers have been genetically produced over a 50 year period

This results in a top quality long thin feather the feathers are easy to install and remove and there are specific tools that can help.

Hair Feathers are very quick and easy to install.

feather extensions

You may need Micro beads together with a threader tool and a small pair of pliers for crimping the bead. We have all the beads and threaders plus pliers available in the tools section.

Its very simple. If you have bought your feathers from awesomefeathers simply follow the instructions below.

Or if you prefer clips, they are available in the tools section, which will allow you to put the bonded extensions in and out as you please.

  1. Select a bead that matches your hair color. For illustration purposes we have used a contrasting color.

  1. Slide the bead onto the threader.
feather extensions

  1. Take a small section of hair and thread through the loop.
feather extensions

  1. Gently pull the bead over the loop up the section of hair until it is close to the root.

  1. Insert the tip of the feather(s) into the bead.
feather extensions

  1. Crimp securely with pliers.
feather extensions