Feathers hair FAQ

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Hair Feathers are they actually Hair Extensions?

Answer: No they are made from feathers, not hair, but they can be treated as though they are and last about the same length of time.

Human hair extensions last about 3 months before requiring attention.

Feathers hair also need to be looked after but their quality means they will be able to be used many times over.

The dyes may fade after several months of use, depending on how well you look after them.

You can also easily take them out for a while and then re apply them when you want a change of look.

Synthetic hair braids and dreads last a couple of weeks before needing to be removed or reinstalled.

Can I install the Feathers myself?

Answer: Yes you can, you do not to be a professional to install them

Feather hair extensions tend to be a feature and can easily be installed by yourself, it is fun to do it with a friend or relative.

How long do Hair Feathers take to put in?

Answer: feather extensions, for example, take just a couple of minutes to apply yourself.

Why not take a look at our installation instructions? How to install feather extensions.

How do I look after my new feather extensions?

Answer: They can also be washed curled, and blow-dried just like your real hair.

You can apply a light shampoo if you like also conditioners if you wish. Combing as well as washing of feather hair extensions should be kept to a minimum.

 Feathers hair