30 xxl Extra Long Mixed Naturals 9-14 inches ( 24-35 cm )


30 xxl Extra Long Mixed Naturals 9-14 inches ( 24-35 cm )


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Feathers for hair

Feathers for hair, we only use 100% natural hair feathers.

This pack of 30 super extra long mixed feathers contain only mixed natural colors.

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Some sites sell synthetic feathers we only sell the real deal ie 100% naturals.

Because they are natural they last longer, up to 6 months with care and also you can wash and blow dry them just like your own hair.

You may wish to take them out and put back in if you wish no problems there.

Also, as many celebrities and tv reality stars have been seen wearing these, so why not give them a go?

Have you the tools to apply these? tools are available, including beads, pliers, and threaders or clips and the beads also come in 3 colours to suit all hair types ie blonde, black or brown.


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