48 Mixed Packs on a display


48 Mixed Packs on a display


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48 packs with a stand.

24 medium length packs- each pack contains 3-6 feathers ranging from 11-18cm (4-7″)

24 long length packs- each pack contains 4-6 feathers rainging from 13-28cm (5-11″)

The kit contains a mix of bonded extensions and loose feather packs offering you a good variety for your clients.

This kit includes a great colour range and each pack contains a basic threader tool and a selection of beads so you have the option of selling packs to customers over the counter or offering them a service to attach them yourself.

This 15″x28″ stand is compact enough to fit on the counter and provides a great display to showcase these gorgeous feathers, attracting customer attention and impulse purchases.

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