Hair Feathers 30 mixed naturals


Hair Feathers 30 mixed naturals


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Hair Feathers 30 mixed naturals.

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A mix of 30 mixed natural hair feathers extensions. This mix contains 100% Natural feather extensions. Worldwide Shipping available on all our hair feathers.

Please see the Tools section for beads, threaders and pliers required to attach these feathers.

Hair Feathers kit At Awesome Feathers, we can also fill custom bulk orders.

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Feathers are all the rage at parties, and festivals and beachside raves.

The festival and party circuit would be quite dull without the colour and gleam and vibrancy of these exotic delights. You can elevate your party outfits, beachwear ensembles and festival looks by rocking colourful and textured feathers that make you stand out from the crowd.

What about trying the bonded extensions? 4-6 feathers bonded together to create one extension.

Or the feather earrings?

The hair feathers can be washed and curled and blow dried just like your real hair.

All ours are 100% natural and will last many months if cared for.

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Awesome Feathers are established suppliers of wholesale and retail feathers globally.

We offer worldwide shipping on feather extensions and natural feathers.

We have been selling feathers since they first hit the main market some 10 years ago, and they have been seen on many celebrity’s and also in some hit tv programmes.

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